Ignite by Danielle Rogland


Title: Ignite

Author: Danielle Rogland

Publisher: Inkitt

Date of publication: April 8th, 2017

Genre: Dystopia, Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Number of pages: 329

POV: Alternating 1st person

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

In the ruins of dystopian London, the Empire rules through fear and fire.

“Everyone knew about ‘The Flames’ and how much trouble they had caused the Empire. They were the only rebel group anyone knew of that had lasted longer than a few months without getting caught, leaving candles behind whenever they snatched somebody out of the Empire’s grasp. To get involved with people like them is stupid. So stupid.”

Ever since her parents were murdered by the empire’s agents, Jacks has been living on the street as a pickpocket trying to keep away from trouble. When she accidentally witnesses the rebel group ‘The Flames’ in the middle of an operation she is unwillingly swept up into their world and has to decide if she’s going to go back to looking after herself or join the rebellion and help them fight for the people of London Ruins.

She knows that getting involved was stupid, but does she really have a choice?

My review:

I am a fan of dystopia. I just love reading about what civilization could be like in the future. So when I was approached by Inkitt to review Ignite and I read the blurb that came with the email, I immediately responded with a yes to my contact person. I wasn’t disappointed by Ignite. Honestly, I was blown away by it.

Usually, when I read 1st person and the views keep switching from person to person, it does something to the story. Makes me disconnect from the story and I usually end up not liking it because of that. I have read books, though, where the switching back and forth between different people has worked and it worked well. Ignite is one of those books. The switching between the characters did not take away from the story. The author actually labeled the chapters with the main characters name (Jacks, Corry, Zira, and Jeremy). That way you could always tell who was speaking.

The Emporer and the Burners were pretty bad people. The author only touched on what happened to dismantle the government that used to rule London and replaced it with an Emporer who liked to burn things. I am going to take a wild guess and say that it was pretty bad. I mean, there is a part of London called London Ruins. Kinda answers my question right there. The Burners I perceived as reverse firefighters. They lit contained fires that forced people out of their houses. Then they killed them for being rebels. Hence reverse firefighters. I never figured out if they put out the fires or if the fires went out themselves.

My favorite character was Zira. At first, I didn’t like her and I did have my suspicions that she definitely had her secrets. When they were revealed, I was just as shocked as the rest of the Flames. But, during her chapters, you could see her anguish over the past and her past deeds. It was after that confrontation with Jacks, that I started to like her. By the end of the book, she was my favorite character.

Jacks had to be my second favorite character. She was a tough cookie and she had overcome a lot in her life. It was that strongness that showed in the last part of the book.

The ending was pretty much what I expected but the author did throw in a few curves which made the story a lot better and added depth to it.

How many stars will I give Ignite: 4

Why: I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a quick read with characters that you couldn’t help but like.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Older teen

Why: Violence

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**


Perfect (Flawed: Book 2) by Cecelia Ahern

Perfect (Flawed, #2)

Title: Perfect

Author: Cecelia Ahern

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Date of publication: April 4th, 2017

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia

Number of pages: 352

POV: 1st person

Series: Flawed

Flawed – Book 1

Perfect – Book 2

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Book synopsis (from Goodreads):

Celestine North lives in a society that demands perfection. After she was branded Flawed by a morality court, Celestine’s life has completely fractured–all her freedoms gone.

Since Judge Crevan has declared her the number one threat to the public, she has been a ghost, on the run with Carrick–the only person she can trust.

But Celestine has a secret–one that could bring the entire Flawed system crumbling to the ground. A secret that has already caused countless people to go missing.

Judge Crevan is gaining the upper hand, and time is running out for Celestine. With tensions building, Celestine must make a choice: save just herself or to risk her life to save all Flawed people.

And, most important of all, can she prove that to be human in itself is to be Flawed?

My review:

This is another one of those books that I loved but I really wished that I read book 1 first because book 2 blew me out of the water. I devoured Perfect. I think I read it in a couple of hours after my kids went to bed for the night and when I was done with it, I closed the book and just stared out into space….trying to digest everything that I just read. Yes, it was truly that good.

Celestine was a reluctant hero of the Flawed. When I say reluctantly because she really didn’t want to be a poster child for anything. All she wanted to do, at first, was to just find a place that she could go off grid and hide from Craven and his Whistleblowers. But that just doesn’t happen. Any place that she finds sanctuary in, they always show up. I kept thinking that maybe she had a tracking device or something on her at one point because of how they would always show up. But it was revealed, in most of the cases, that fellow Flawed were calling the Whistleblowers and altering them to where she was. Which was kind of crappy, in my eyes.

I couldn’t stand Craven. He was gunning for Celestine because he thought that she had incriminating video evidence that shows him illegally branding Celestine on the spine without numbing the area first. Then he tries to cover up his crime (because it was a crime) by kidnapping everyone that was there or saw her brand. Like that was going to help everything. And when he does finally get Celestine, what does he do….arranges for her to have a skin graft to cover her brand. Any scene with him in it made me feel seriously greasy and I wanted to shower.

I wasn’t too sure about Carrick at first. Everything he did for and with Celestine ended up serving himself or the political party that he has become attached to. I even began to question if he was really attracted to her or if it was a ruse to get her to join him and help the political party. But, like everything else in this book, not everything is what it seems.

Again, I do wish that I had read book 1. I had a small issue with the significance to where the people were branded. It wasn’t clearly explained in Perfect and that drove me nuts. But it didn’t take away from the story. Just personally drove me nuts.

The end of the book was pretty intense, action wise and I did like that all the storylines were brought together and ended.

How many stars will I give Perfect: 4

Why: Like I said above, I devoured this book in 2 hours. The plotline was great, characters were memorable and I loved the twist at the end of the book.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Older Teen

Why: Some sexual situations, mild violence, and some language

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils: Book 1) by D.L. Orton

Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils, #1)

Title: Crossing in Time

Author: D.L. Orton

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Press

Date of publication: May 1st, 2016

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Dystopia, Science Fiction

Number of pages: 558

POV: Alternating 1st person

Series: Between Two Evils

Crossing in Time – Book 1

Lost in Time – Book 2

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Book synopsis (via Goodreads):

Race against the clock through a dystopian nightmare. Climb naked into an untested time machine (carrying only a seashell and a promise). Wake up twenty years younger on a tropical beach, buck naked and mortally wounded, with your heart in your throat. 

This is a journey of love, loss, and redemption that will make your pulse gallop and your palms sweat, have you laughing out loud through your tears, and leave you flush with the sublime pleasure of falling in love.

My review:

Crossing in Time is a fast-paced dystopian/science fiction book that shows that love can cross time. The book alternates between Diego and Isabelle points of view and tells a love story that transcends time. It also tells the story of Harry, an unsuspecting college professor who is working on deciphering the mystery of a large metal ball that took out a hotel and its connection to an upcoming apocalyptic event. Fast paced, Crossing in Time will keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what is coming next while watching Diego and Isabelle’s love story unfold.

Isabelle was one of my favorite people in the book. She was so spunky and didn’t take anyone’s crap. From the beginning of the book, where she was buying the gun from the guy outside the burnt out Wal-Mart to dealing with her ex-husband (who I couldn’t stand) to her relationship with Diego…..she was strong. It was a hit with me because I love strong female characters. Even in situations which could be perceived weak, she was strong. A lot stronger than I could have been.

Diego, I liked too. You could see that he adored Isabelle. Everything he did in the book was for her……even in the later parts of the book. Even when he was separated from her, his thought was with her. Again, a big hit with me because this is a romance that will survive anything.

The romance between Diego and Isabelle took my breath away. The way it was written, the way it came across was beautiful!!!

The science fiction aspect of this book was interesting.  The clues left in the globe really didn’t make sense to me at first. But the more I read and the more that was revealed, they made perfect sense. This is also where Harry’s part of the story came into play. He was working on deciphering the clues when they are deciphered, it is found out to be the plans for a time machine. What I liked about this was that the author didn’t make it work right the first, second or third time. Heck, they weren’t even sure if it was going to work when they sent Isabelle through and didn’t know it worked until they figured out that the shell could be tracked. I loved it!!!

The end of the book was bittersweet. I was happy because of certain events that happened but also sad because of the unknown (if you want to know what I am talking about, read the book). The way the book ended definitely lead into book 2 and I can’t wait to read that one and see where Harry, Diego and Isabelle stories end up.

How many stars will I give Crossing in Time: 4

Why: I really enjoyed reading the book. The characters were memorable and the plot line was great. It did lag a bit in the middle but definitely recovered from it. The science fiction part of the story was original and well written too.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age range: Adult

Why: Sex, language, violence

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

Book Review: Save Aether (The Trinity Key Trilogy: Book 3) by L.M. Fry

Save Aether (The Trinity Key Trilogy Book 3)

Title: Save Aether

Author: L.M. Fry

Publisher: Eleah Enterprises

Date of publication: March 30th 2016

Genre: Dystopia, Steampunk, Fantasy

Number of pages: 200 pages

Part of a series: The Trinity Key Trilogy

Into Aether – Book 1

Escape Aether – Book 2

Save Aether – Book 3

Standalone: No

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Julia never had a real family until meeting Theo and Valera. Now that they are united by the Trinity Key, they are plagued by nightmares. Danu, the goddess of Aether, is in agony and calls out to them to free her.
However, the Elders who rule Aether don’t want to give up their power and warn the girls to stay away from Danu’s tomb. Julia must decide whether to trust the Elders or to follow her instincts and unleash Danu upon the world.

My review:

Save Aether starts where Escape Aether ends….with the girls on trial for combining the Trinity Key.

I will have to say that while I didn’t care for Julia in the first couple of books, I really liked her in this one. She was so snarky, such a wiseass that I was dying laughing while reading. Slammy Magee (aka Slammy) was a favorite nickname of mine that she gave one of the Elders….lol. She was a more act first then think later kid and it did help her out a few times in the book.

Valera continued to blossom into her own person in the book and I loved it. She was not the timid, meek girl that we met in Into Aether. She was not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends….even if that meant destroying her relationship with her mother, her brother and her siblings.

Theo got even stronger in this book. She was the brains and the backbone of the group and she always thought things through before acting. She also had the most control of her powers (behind Valera….Julia was last and she was still learning). Her relationships with Victor and her parents meant everything to her but she was going to do what was right by freeing Danu.

I absolutely loved the Danu storyline. If any of you guys are into Celtic mythology, Danu is the mother goddess of the Tuatha De Dannan (click here for the definition). See, at one point in my life, I was very much into Irish folklore and Irish mythology. So when I see it being used in a book, I get very excited (I know, complete nerd). The author did a great job of using the concept of Danu and giving her a huge spin. I really wasn’t ready for that spin when I read it….lol.

The ending was perfect for the series and I don’t think I could have written it more perfectly if I tried.

How many stars will I give Save Aether? 5

Why: A great ending to a great trilogy. This book packs a punch and pulls at your heartstrings.

Will I reread: Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends: Yes

Age Range: Teen

Why: Very clean (no sex) and moderate violence

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**


Book Review: Moon Chosen (Tales of a New World: Book 1) by P.C. Cast

Moon Chosen

Title: Moon Chosen

Author: P.C. Cast

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Date of publication: October 18th 2016

How many pages: 608

Part of a series: Yes

What series: Tales of a New World

Moon Chosen – Book 1

Standalone: Yes

Where you can find this book: Amazon|Barnes and Nobles

Goodreads synopsis:

Chosen to embrace her true identity. Chosen to follow her destiny. Chosen to change her world.

Mari is an Earth Walker, heir to the unique healing powers of her Clan, but she has been forced to turn from her duties, until she is chosen by a special animal ally, altering her destiny forever. When a deadly attack tears her world apart, Mari reveals the strength of her powers and the forbidden secret of her dual nature as she embarks on a mission to save herself and her people. It is not until Nik, the son of the leader from a rival, dominating Tribe, strays across her path that Mari experiences something she has never felt before…

Now evil is coming, and with it, a force more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen, leaving Mari to cast the shadows from the earth. By breaking Clan Law and forming an alliance with Nik, she must make herself ready. Ready to save her people. Ready to save herself and Nik. Ready to embrace her true destiny…and battle the forces that threaten to destroy them all.

My review:

Going to start off by warning you that this book is long, 608 pages. Probably one of the longest I have read to date. But the character and world building in it is beyond anything that I have read before.

We meet Mari as she is drawing a sketch of the myth, Narcissus and Echo. It is a game that her mother and herself play to amuse themselves. Mari and Leda are Earth Walkers and Leda is a Moon Woman. A Moon Woman brings down the moon to Wash her Clan, males of anger and Night Fever and females of sorrow. This has to be done every 3 days or the males go, for a lack of a better words, batshit crazy.

We also find out that Mari is a half-breed. She is half Earth Walker and half Companion. Companions are a race of people who live in the trees and have Shepherds or Terriers that are connected to them and they can read each other’s thoughts. The Earth Walkers live in fear of the Companions because whenever they appear, the males are killed and the woman are taken and never seen again. So it was amazing that a Companion and an Earth Walker fell in love and had a child. Mari was an infant when her father was killed. He was killed for committing what amounts to treason in the Companion society. He took fronds from a Mother Plant (something that I can’t really explain….you need to read the book) and refused to tell where he was bringing them.

The book then shifts to Dead Eye, a young man chosen to be a Harvester of his People, the Skin Stealers, a cannibalistic tribe that lives in what used to be cities. Dead Eye has had an epiphany of sorts. He has realized that The Reaper, a Goddess that his people worship, does not speaker through the Watchers and that she hasn’t spoken in years, perhaps decades. He realizes that eating the flesh of The Others (the Earth Walker and Companions) is killing his people. While on a hunt outside his cities limits, he injures a stag and strips some of its body of its flesh…which he packs around his own cracked skin. It miraculously heals him and he takes it as a sign that he is the Champion. After pronouncing The Reaper basically dead (well that’s what I got from it), he kills the Watchers, elderly woman, who speak to her. That’s when he meets Dove, an eyeless brunette beauty who calls herself an Oracle of the God. She becomes Dead Eye’s mate.

We also meet Nik, a Companion who lives in the trees. Nik is upset because he hasn’t been chosen by a Guardian (the Shepherds and Terriers) yet and is hoping that the newest litter will have a pup choose him. What ends up happening, instead, is that the last pup of that litter disappears while Nik has taken him down to the ground to use the bathroom. This leads to some pretty major events in the book that include Mari.

The author does explain what happens to divide a civilization. There were several intense solar flares from the sun that decimated Earth’s population and drove people either to the forests (The Earth Walkers), to the trees (The Companions) or they stayed in the cities (The Skin Stealers). Beyond killing all technology, the solar flare mutated both animals and insects. Spiders and roaches are mentioned, a lot, and I got so skeeved out reading about them. The animals are able to communicate with their chosen Companions telepathically. After a time, the remaining people formed into the Earth Walkers, Skin Stealers and Companions (and they were mutated in ways too).

I am not going to go into the book much more after this because this post would take forever. Lets just say that friendships are formed, people are saved, people die and new alliances are formed. I honestly can’t wait for book 2 to come out because I want to see what happens.

How many stars will I give Moon Chosen? 5

Why? A well written dystopian/fantasy. The world building and character building in this book, like I said above, is beyond anything that I have ever seen and I think has spoiled me for other books in the future.

Will I reread? Yes!!!

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Adult

Why? Violence, a scene of the after effects of rape and a scene of attempted rape.

**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance copy**




Book Review: Escape Aether (The Trinity Key Trilogy: Book 2) by L.M. Fry

Escape Aether (The Trinity Key Trilogy Book 2)

Title: Escape Aether

Author: L.M. Fry

Publisher: Eleah Enterprises

Date of publication: March 30th 2016

Number of pages: 247

Part of a series: Yes

What series: The Trinity Key Trilogy

Into Aether – Book 1

Escape Aether – Book 2

Save Aether – Book 3

Standalone: No

Where you can find this book: Amazon

Goodreads synopsis:

Valera longs to escape her sheltered life and overbearing mother. She just never imagines that her opportunity would arrive after being kidnapped.
Now she has a decision to make: face a world filled with danger and discover her own power, or return home where it’s safe and live in a gilded cage.

My review:

What an amazing 2nd book of the Trinity Key Trilogy!!

This book starts off right where Into Aether (review here) leaves off….Valera being shoved off the airship platform after being kidnapped by Julia. Julia kidnapped Valera because she believes that Valera can help her merge the rest of the Trinity Key. After saving Valera, they head straight away to Subterria where Julia believes that her father had kept her part of the Trinity Key. Unfortunately, Subterria is in the middle of a civil war (caused when Lazarus, Julia’s father, attacked Harmony’s Circus and Harem of the Horrific.While they are there, they meet up with Marcus Corvus, Valera’s step uncle, who was even more evil than I remembered in the first book. It is in Subterria that Valera starts harnessing aether and discovers that she can use/control heat (like shooting fireballs out of her hand or making herself so hot that no one can touch her).

Then the book shifts to Theo, who is still in Aetherland with her mother, father (yes father!!!), Victor, Vivi, Nessie and Victoria. Theo had discovered that she can cause storms and control lighting. She can also speak to Valera in her mind but that link has been muted for some reason. The only reason that she knows Valera is alive is that she can still draw on aether. If Valera was dead, then she wouldn’t be able to draw on it. She makes the decision, with Victor and Nessie, that she is going back to Subterria to get Valera back. They get to Subterria very shortly after Julia, Gideon and Valera but get held up after Theo is attacked by Rufus Corvus (Marcus’s brother and part of the triplet set). She is saved from him (and well, he was pushed to his death) by Victor and Benji, the strong man of Harmony’s circus. His death was awful. I had dreams of being crushed beneath gears for a few nights after I finished the book.

While they are there, they find out that Valera is willingly with Julia and that upsets both Theo and Victor. Valera does apologize to Theo, kinda gives an explanation and she wants Theo to tell her family that she loves them.

I’m sorry Theo. This is something I have to do. Tell my family that I love them.

They also find Titus, Victor and Valera’s stepfather, in the dungeon and decide to take him home to Victoria. When they arrive home, they are met by members of the Elder’s guard, which Theo takes out with aether. After she is taken into custody, she is charged, by the Elders of Aether, with heresy and treason. All because her and Valera combined their two keys.

On the Julia and Valera front, things aren’t going as well. After finding out that her father didn’t have the key in Subterria, Julia decides to head to Boulder, Colorado (where she pretended to be human to get to Theo) to look for a town called Goldsville to look for her father’s vault. She decides to take Valera out in the human world and it backfired on her. A trio of boys from the first book find them in a coffee shop and they, well, they piss her off and she firebombs the main boy’s car….lol. Whoops. While they were out on their adventure, Marcus find Goldsville and where he thinks the vault might be…Azure Springs. So they head off to there.

Not going to go much into the book after this point but I will say there is so much packed into the last half of the book, that it was hard for me to put down. Also, to see Julia and Valera’s personal transformations during the book was awesome.

I really had started off the book not liking Julia but as the book went on and you read more and more about her life, I started to feel bad for her. Let’s just say that she had it rough.

Valera had been hidden from the world by an overprotective mother and it showed in the beginning of the book. But, by the time Marcus came into the story, she was starting to develop a backbone and her interactions with Marcus just made her stronger.

The ending was not what I expected but it was very good. Not everything gets resolved and, actually, there are even more problems. I can’t wait to read the next book and see how the trilogy ends!!

How many stars will I give Escape Aether? 4

Why? A well written steam punk/dystopia/fantasy. Very vividly written with great world building, this is a series that stays with you even after you are done reading it.

Will I reread? Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Age range: Teen

Why: Very clean. No sex (just a few kissing scenes with Theo and Victor). Mild violence and no language.

**I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**



Book Review: Shadow Falling (The Scorpius Syndrome: Book 2) by Rebecca Zanetti

Before I start my review, I would like to thank Kensington Books and NetGalley for allowing me to review Shadow Falling by Rebecca Zanetti.

*All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone. I received Shadow Falling from Kensington Books through NetGalley as an ARC for my honest and unbiased review**

Now onto my review:

Shadow Falling (The Scorpius Syndrome, #2)

Title: Shadow Falling

Author: Rebecca Zanetti

Publisher: Kensington Books

Date of publication: August 30th 2016

Number of pages: 400

Where the book can be found:

Amazon (Kindle and Paperback)

Part of a series: Yes

What series? Scorpius Syndrome

Mercury Striking – Book 1

Shadow Falling – Book 2

Justice Ascending – Book 3 (expected date of publication: January 31st 2017)

Book Synopsis (via Goodreads):

Before the Scorpius Syndrome tore through North America and nearly wiped out the population, Vivienne Kennedy was the FBI’s best profiler. The bacteria got her anyway. But she survived. She recovered. And when she woke up from a drug-nightmare of captivity, her skills as a hunter of men had gone from merely brilliant to full-on uncanny. Her mysterious rescuer wants her to put them to the test. But no matter how tempting he is, with his angel’s eyes and devil’s tongue, Vinnie knows she shouldn’t trust him.

If the FBI were still around they would rate Raze Shadow as one of the bad guys. His military training can’t wipe out his association with the Mercenaries, the most feared gang in a thousand miles. His loyalties are compromised. He won’t even tell Vinnie his real name. But there’s no FBI in the new America of fear and firepower, only instinct and risk.

And the way his arms wrap around Vinnie tells its own story. Whatever else Raze is concealing, he can’t hide his desire . . .

My review:

Oh. My. God.

I LOVED this book. Forget that it is a 2nd book in a series (if you have been reading my blog long enough you know my feelings on that). Just forget it. This book is just that awesome.

Raze, oh where do I start with him. He is so bad that he’s good, in a delicious way and he just oozed sex appeal. What appealed to me about him was that he was 100% devoted to his family and those who he considers family. Even when he got sick with the Scorpius Syndrome, he was still a complete badass.

Vinnie (or Vivienne) Kennedy was a mess when we met her. Not only is she dealing with the aftermath of her kidnapping/drugging/torturing by the President but she was infected with Scorpius Syndrome and her brain is all wonky. To the point where she is seeing hallucinations of her dead schizophrenic step mother and she believes that she can read minds (or can she??). Plus, she doesn’t have a filter and I was laughing out loud when she told Jax, Lynn and Trace that Raze had a huge erection because she wouldn’t have sex with him…..lol.

I will say that President Atherton and Vice President Lake were completely creepy and I got chills when I read their scenes and I honestly can’t wait to see both of them get what they are due.

The main storyline was great but I kinda called what would happen with it. Not that it took away from the story in any way. I did like the 2nd storyline, a lot and the way that the author wrapped that up was great. The 3rd storyline really annoyed me for some reason. The Reverend was sneaky and I really don’t understand why Jax didn’t just shoot him the first time Vinnie told him that he was up to something.  But then again, I can see why he didn’t.

The ending was great and it was left open for Trace and Sami’s story. Which I can’t wait to read. Now, I just have to read the first book and I will be all set…lol.

How many stars will I give Shadow Falling? 4/4.5

Why? A great romance/post apocalyptic book!! This book was jam-packed with sex and action and it was written so that you didn’t get sick of the book or its characters.

Will I reread? Yes

Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes

Age? Adult

Why? Lots of sex that includes some light BDSM. Also a lot of violence.