Non ARC Book Reviews


4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

A Girl in Black and White

Dreams Manifest

The Dream Sifter

Diary of Anna the Girl Witch

Catching a Witch


Naked We Came


The Screaming Staircase

First Grave on the Right

An Honorable Man


A White Picket Fence

The Last Man

The Golden Bulls

The Shepherd Girl’s Necklace

The Bellringer

Remember When


A Girl Named Calamity

An Innocent Man

Immortality Experiment

Tightrope Walker

Risking Her Heart

51 Sleepless Nights

A Life of Death


Environmentally Friendly

FountainCorp Security

Counting Sheep and Other Stories

Billionaire for New Year’s

A Thousand Rooms

To Save His Child

Double the College Experience

Everything We Keep

Once A Hero

A Guy, a Girl, and a Voodoo Monkey Hand

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith

A Cunning Heist

Far Turn

Tales from Ara: Into The Unknown

To Bottle Lightning

Morning Glory


Clifton Chase and The Arrow of Light

The Archbishop’s Amulet

When The Gods War

Return to Lan Darr

Beyond The Dark Gate

Catch Me

Excalibur Rising

Mostly Human

Fly Like an Eagle

New Blood

Jocked Up

Strange Lands

Billionaire for Christmas

The Door to Forever

Beyond the Sapphire Gate

Not Dead Enough

Framed and Burning

Capturing the Bear

Christmas with the Bear

Conquering the Bear

Coaching the Bear

Bride of the Dragons

Every Dead Thing

Set in Stone

Dark Sonata

Pixie and The Green Book Mystery


The Name of Death

By Virtue Fall

Cocoa Butter Skin

Suri Five

Lippy Kids


The Devil’s Library

Her Alpha Dragon

Her Hacker Dragon

Her Rock Star Dragon

Her Delicious Dragon

Her Valiant Dragon

The Watcher

The Hatter’s Wife

Caged Light

Cutting Ice

Phantom Limb

Curse Breaker: Enchanted


The Keeper

Alpha’s Christmas Flame

Wrath of the King

Alpha’s Domain

Alpha’s Mates

Alpha’s Heir

The Hobgoblin Queen

Russian Holiday

The Gift: A Sadist and His Slave

Unexpected: Secret Baby of a Star Athlete

For the Children

Lost in Time

A Secondhand Life

The Kings of Shanth’ur

The Circuit: Earthfall

Progeny of Vale

The Circuit: Executor Rising


Hatching the Phoenix Egg

The Untold Tale

Her Winged Viking, Her Rock Hard Viking and Her Christmas Viking

Billionaire Stepbrother: Our Bad Romance


Somewhere in Time

Twilight’s Children

Healing Wounds

Race Against the Dark


A Coronation of Kings

Rodeo Man

Esper Files



Whatever You Call Me

Lost Coast Rocket

I Was A Bitch


Tamzin Clark V The Mummy


Save Aether

Undoing Time

Moon Chosen

Dream Maker

Escape Aether

Shadows of Men

The Scarlet Tanager

Just Juliet

Her Steamy Viking


The Storykiller

A Line Too Far


Errant Spark


The Woman In the Mirror

Serene (A Dr Rachel E Color-Me-Mystery)

The Girl from the Sea

Land of Careful Shadows

Tamzin Clarke V Jack the Ripper


Exploits: A Glamorous, Dangerous Romance


Her Fiery Viking

The Silver Thread

My Fair Assassin

Black Ops Zulu: Pivotal Velocity

The Descendant

Into Aether

Dust to Dusk

Diner Delight

Paleo Diet


Skin Trade

Old Dark

Protect Me

Butterfly Island

Death Unmasked

The Dream Protocol

Cover Me

The Byzantine Connection

The Harmony Scroll

Ribbons of Death

How Come That Idiot…..

A Dream of Ashes

When Uriel Sang

Vegetarian Quick & Easy

All is Bright



The Last Humans Trilogy