For the lack of posts.Real life caught up with me the last couple of weeks and I had some pretty insane things happen in this past month.

Want to hear about them? You do. Faaabulous. Believe me when I say that I can’t make up what I am going to talk about.

School started for B and Z August 31st. I did take some time off, about a week, to get myself used to only having 1 child at home. But I forgot about BK. He is worse than a child. No matter what time I start writing a blog, he never fails to come out of his office to talk to me about work and then stays talking for 20 mins. I love him but man, it drives me absolutely batty because I lose my train of thought (and while I was writing this, he came out to talk….arrrggghhhh).

Now, speaking of school, we have had drama at the bus stop. About 4 weeks ago (give or take a few days), B and Z came home from school. B was in tears and Z was angry. From what I got out of them is that the bus driver humiliated her, Z, their friends (P and K) and two other boys at the bus stop by accusing them of going on this guy’s porch, throwing trash in the yard and generally just raising a ruckus while he was trying to sleep. They also said the police were getting involved. At that point I called the head of the transportation department and got the full story. The guy called complaining that there were 15 kids at the bus stop (not true, only 6), that the kids were on his porch (again, not true…I verified with the other parents at the bus stop and his porch is enclosed so…yeah) and that they were spreading trash on his property (again, not true…the kids aren’t allowed to bring anything on the bus…per the bus driver’s rules). The police were mentioned because he was making threats against the kids and if he called again, then the police would be there to make sure that the kids would get on the bus ok.

I thought it was all taken care of until last Friday….when I got a phone call from one of the parents at the bus stop saying that bus stop guy was taking pictures of the kids getting off the bus. I went “Oh hell no”, told the other mother to meet me outside her house and we walked down to his house. Long story short, he deleted the pictures, was warned that if he took pictures of them again then the police would be called and was told to knock off his bullshit. I never have seen someone change what they have said as fast as he did. I was for the most part quite (I was sick and was loosing my voice) but I made sure I was heard when I told him that if he took pictures of my kids again, without my permission, then the law would be called. I also told him that he reputation precedes him (he is the neighborhood bully) and the next time he has an issue with ANYTHING regarding my kids, he needs to walk himself down to my house (and I gave him the house number) and tell us, their parents, so BK and I can handle it and not take the pussy’s way out and make up stories to the school (he also called the superintendent and the principal…all of the kids were called in to talk to them). W, the other mother, started dying laughing on the way home. The look on his face when I said that was priceless. I told her that he isn’t used to being stood up too and she agreed.


R has decided to go on a pants strike. She will not put pants (well shorts, it’s still hot and humid here in Western North Carolina) at all. I put them on her, she takes them off. Yesterday, I was talking to my neighbor and she was running around in the front yard in her panties and a shirt. I had literally just put her pants on her 5 mins beforehand. The people driving up and down the street must have been thinking “Those people are so classy”. I am considering duct taping them on her.

On the bright side, B and Z are doing well in school. They brought home their 3 week progress reports. Z has an A average. Put it this way, all of his school work/tests/homework were at a 100 with the exception of 1 and that was at a 95. I was shocked when I saw it. B has an A/B average and she had missing homework. Which baffles me because she does her homework at home every night. At the dining room table with BK or myself sitting with her. I am thinking that she might be putting them in her desk and then forgetting about it. Luckily, for her, she can make them up. I emailed the teacher and she said B will be doing it during SSR (I forget what it is called here…lol).

As for me, well September is not a good month, healthwise for me. I have had 2 colds….one which knocked me out of commission last weekend. I also had a couple of Drs’ appointments this month. I have hypothyroidism but wasn’t taking any medication for it. Why? Because Levo was making me sick to my stomach. I did let my endo know in MA and she basically brushed me off. My new Dr, though, seems to think that I have Hashimoto’s Disease and ordered new blood tests to get a confirmation. I feel like a human pin cushion. within 2 weeks, I had 9 vials of blood taken.I go back October 2nd to get a definite answer and to see what medication she wants to put me on (not Levo…I already told her that).

So with all that going on, I really haven’t been writing too many reviews. I am going to get my butt in gear and start writing more reviews, I promise. I actually have two books that I was supposed to have reviewed yesterday but with me being sick (like I was asleep at 9pm sick) this weekend, no reading got done. If you know me, that’s huge. I have one book almost finished and will be starting the other one soon.

Also look for a recipe to go up this week (I made it 2 weeks ago….whoops) and my end of the month review to go up by Friday.


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