Non review post (so read at your discretion)

As most of you have noticed, I have been implementing some changes to the blog, starting with the layout. I am not really satisfied with the one I picked out, so that too might change if I find a new layout that I like.

Also, I have stopped doing product reviews. While I like them, I have found that book reviews are what I enjoy doing. I actually have always enjoyed doing them.

I am also going to be getting back to why I started this blog….to showcase how crazy my life is as a mom with 3 kids (hence the title….Life of a Crazy Mom). I realized today that I don’t really talk about the kids or the funny things that go on in my life here or the struggles of having 1 child with ADHD combined type/Anxiety and 1 child with ADD inattentive type plus a toddler. So beware, you all, over sharing is coming….lol.

So that’s it. I won’t be oversharing tonight because I am exhausted. R was up a few times last night and I couldn’t get comfy in bed. Then today, well it was a very emotional day and R is having issues sleeping tonight (bad dreams).


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