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Book Review: Lies from the Attic by Tamara Avner

Before I start my review, I want to thank EbookPro for allowing me to review Lies from the Attic. Now, here’s the review:

Format read in: Kindle

Date of publication: Kindle: will be published July 4th. Paperback: Already published

Sites where the book can be found: Amazon: Kindle (off preorder on July 4th). Paperback: Available now.

Publisher: Ebookpro

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Women’s Fiction

How many pages: 203

Book synopsis:

How far should one go to find out the truth?

And what secrets should better be left to lie deep in the attic?

In a defensive tone and a manipulative manner, while held in detention and waiting for her murder trial, Rakefet Auerbach shares her baffling confession.

She is a stunning woman and an army mental health officer. A queen between the sheets, she is game for anything and never had any difficulty attracting men. In fact, she is used to using men cynically and tossing them aside as she moves on to her next victim. But all this is about to change, when she suddenly falls in love with a mysterious and charismatic defense lawyer. Rakefet is terrified of being in love, even before she realizes the consequence of her new affair – being accused of attempted murder.

Soon enough, she finds herself stalking this enigmatic man, a lawyer accredited to the military courts, who is also a volunteer bearer informing families about the death of their dear ones. Who is her lover, this man of many secrets and contradictions, and who is he spending his time with? She knows it will end badly, but she can’t resist what it is stronger than her.

>>>A fascinating murder mystery unfolds in a monologue by a brilliant and troubled mind.

Throughout her monologue, Rakefet’s secrets and mysteries marvelously unfold, including her childhood in the shadow of her dysfunctional parents and the loss of her brother, a questionable war hero. Tangled in her own webs, nothing will stop her from getting the clues she needs to clear the buried mysteries looming her past and future, not even an unexpected friendship with her lover’s mistress, a spiritual yogi and a distinguished war pilot’s widow. Slowly but surly, she becomes a victim of her own existential quest for fate. By the end of her provocative, yet heart-rending, monologue we find ourselves questioning our own ability to trust anyone, including her.

My review:

3 Things I like about Lies from the Attic:

  1. Rakefet’s character. OMG, I absolutely loved her. She knew how to use her sexuality to get what she wanted, when she wanted it. I also liked that while she was going nuts herself, she was able to, for the most part, hold down a job where she was a mental help liaison with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).
  2. The 2 sub-plots. Not going to give anything away but they both were pretty interesting. Mainly the one where she was looking into why her brother was killed during the Yom Kippur War. That whole event shaped her whole life.
  3. The way the story was written. Normally, I don’t like it when the book jumps all over the place. It makes me feel like the author couldn’t keep his/her attention. But that writing style actually worked with this book. Jumping from Rakefet’s childhood to her early adulthood to her present and back, it worked. The more disjointed her dialogue got, the more the story jumped around.

3 Things I disliked about Lies from the Attic:

  1. Rakefet’s parents. Talk about dysfunctional. Holy moly. Mom slept around (that one scene where Rakefet actually caught her with the upstairs neighbors….wow….lol) and Dad just wasn’t involved. It was sad, to be honest.
  2. Rakefet’s stalking of her rival. Talk about psycho. And that’s all I am going to say about that. But it also figured into her descent into madness.
  3. The end of the book. It just didn’t fulfill me for some reason. I was looking for more concrete answers to some questions in the book and didn’t get it. It was anticlimactic in a way.

How many stars will I give Lies from the Attic: 3 1/2

Why? While it was a well written book about a woman’s search for the truth about what happened to her brother, I feel that it was overshadowed by her obsession with her married lover’s other girlfriend and her descent into madness. I wish that the author had stayed focused on the search for the truth about her brother

Will I read it again? Yes

Will I recommend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Adult

Why? Numerous sexual situations explained in detail plus a very detailed description of a shooting.

Disclaimer: All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.


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