A New Thing and recipe!!

I have decided to incorporate recipes into the blog. I love cooking and I am always trying out new things and I decided last night to share it with the world….lol.

So, starting today, I will be posting at least one recipe once a week. Why once a week? Well, I have been expanding my cooking and pushing myself to try new things. BK says I am great at traditional stuff, (meat loaf, baked chicken…etc) but he wants to see what I can do if I push my limits.

Why am I listening to him (when I usually don’t)? Because BK used to run his own pizzeria/catering company many moons ago and is probably the best cook I know. He knows that with a little push, I could be cooking more harder things. Of course, I am taking teeny tiny baby steps.

That that said….here is the first recipe of the week:

Delicious Apple Pie Cupcakes 

I got this recipe from eBay. Yes, eBay of all places. See, I was doing something for Crowdtap and it popped up on my screen. I was intrigued and printed it out. Then sat on it for 3 months. B was going through my folder of recipes last week (I hoard recipes something awful), pulled it out and asked me to make it. And since she never asks for anything….I did.

I spent next to nothing on the ingredients. I had the cake mix (and everything that went with making that: eggs and oil), ice cream and cinnamon. The only thing I had to buy was the apple filling. But when I went shopping, I couldn’t find it. The only thing I found was the cherry filling. So I substituted. I will let you know what my taste testers (Z and R…B is in summer school) think at the end of the recipe. I will also include a link to the original recipe at the end of the post.


1 box white cake mix

1 tsp cinnamon

1 can (22oz) apple pie filling (I used cherry pie filling, same can size)

Ice cream for topping

How to make:

Preheat oven to 300.

Chop apple pie filling, then pour into a bowl and set aside (you can do the same with the cherry pie filling.)

In another box, add white cake mix and make according to the directions on the box.

Add 1 tsp of cinnamon and blend. (I didn’t read the instructions, got distracted by a kid,  and blended the cake mix first. Realized what I did, add the cinnamon and blended for 1 min more.) 

Fill 3 Tbsps of cake/cinnamon batter into each muffin cup (if you don’t have cupcake liners, which I didn’t, use PAM baking spray. Just spray in each cupcake mold, add the batter and it should come out easily when you are done)

Top with 1 Tbsp pie filling per muffin cup

Bake for 18-20 mins. If you have an oven like mine, check after 10 mins. My oven runs 10-15 degrees hotter than a normal oven and we have to check everything after 10 mins (except for meats/chicken). I have been known to burn things.

Top with caramel, ice cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Serve and enjoy!!!

Made 20 for me.

I did lose a couple of cupcakes but overall, they turned out well. Z and R tried them. Z loved them and R liked the cupcake part but didn’t like the cherries.  B came home from summer school, grabbed one and LOVED it. But she told me that the next time, I should add frosting and use apples. Told her that I would keep that in mind….lol.

I would rate this recipe: Beginner level

Click here for the original recipe.

Next week, I will be attempting to make Lo-Mein with Beef and Broccoli. Yum!!


4 comments on “A New Thing and recipe!!

  1. LFFL says:

    There can never be enough food in the blogging world for me

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  2. Oh I can’t wait to try this! It looks delicious 🙂

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