Product Review: purifyou All Natural Air Purifier

purifyou All-Natural Air Purifier and Diaper Pail Deodorizer -- Set of 10 Bamboo Carbon Filters - Work Great Inside Diaper Genie & Other Pails, Nursery Rooms, Shoe Closets, Refrigerators & with Pets

Product description:

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My review

Not only do they work (and they really do!!!) but they are all natural…which is a major plus.

I put them in my trash barrel (underneath the bag), by my daughter’s fishbowl and in my son’s room and all the gross smells went away within a couple of days. In the case of my son’s room…almost instantly…lol. I did notice that after a couple of days, though, that they seemed to not work as well and I had to replace after a week.

How many stars will give purifyou All Natural Air Purifier? 3 1/2 stars

Why? I felt that they were a little pricey for what was offered and for how long they lasted.

Will I use them again? Yes

Will I reccomend them to family and friends? Yes

Age Range? All ages. Just use your head and remember to keep out of reach of smaller children.

Amazon link: Please remember that the price can and will change

purifyou All Natural Air Purifier

Disclaimer: I received purifyou All Nutural Air Purifier from Purifyou for a highly discounted price for my honest review. All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.

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