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Book Review: Love Vortex by Dr. Judith Sheleg

Book synopsis:

A passionate erotic romance between a life-couch in her 50’s and her 26 years old student.

She is a successful life-couch in her late fifties, researching and teaching the secrets of emotional intelligence. He is her client, her student, her trainee. She teaches him to experience, acknowledge and express his feelings, not realizing it is his love and lust for her he will encounter once he is true to himself.

One spark is sufficient to agitate a blazing flame bigger than they anticipated, hotter than their warmest fantasies.

Over thirty years separate them, as well as their professional ties, her other man, and their distinct futures. But fervor desire can bridge even unbridgeable gaps. Through his letters he ignites her passion and stirs his own, alluring her to play with fire. Two burning bodies melting into one; two souls swept into a heavenly swirl. An animalistic love affair across boundaries and inhibitions; a hopeless romance that finally shatters in a devastating blast.

A shameless erotic novel that sweeps you from its very first words, and until its surprising ending.

My review:

I didn’t like this book at all. It was a series of letters sent to and from two lovers. A 26 year old man and a 56 year old woman. It was too flowery and the erotic content consisted of two paragraphs written within a two separate letters that dealt with toe sucking (ewww), massaging with oil, oral sex and then the actual sex. And out of the two erotic scenes written, one was imagined and the other happened. The kissing scenes made me sick to my stomach (swapping an overflow of saliva with wrestling tongues….just the image of that made me gag).

The book ended weirdly too. It felt that she had run out of things to write and it left me feeling very dissatisfied.

I will say, though, that I liked the pictures that went with each chapter. They were beautifully drawn!!

How many stars will I give Love Vortex? 2 stars

Why? As stated above, I didn’t like the book at all. No story line, the sex scenes were poorly written and it ended very weirdly. Almost as if the author didn’t know how to write the ending.

Will I read it again? No

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? No

Age Range? Adult on up. There are explicit sexual situations/drawings in the book.

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Disclaimer: I received Love Vortex by Dr. Judith Sheleg from Ebookpro for free for my honest review. All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.

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