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Book Review: I did it! A full and practical guidebook to the process of tummy-tuck surgery by Lilach Keren-Grupper

Book synopsis:

A full and practical guidebook to the process of tummy-tuck surgery.

Do you miss the flat tummy you used to have, or never had but always wanted? Do you fantasize about loving your body and experiencing it in a new and satisfying way? Then this guide is just for you!

Allow the real you to shine!

I did it! clearly and directly addresses the physical, mental and spiritual changes involved in tummy-tuck surgery. It offers thorough insight into the full procedure and covers all aspects including possible concerns and required decisions, necessary pre-surgery preparation at home and at work, a must-buy shopping list, lab tests, essential actions and precautions, costs, recovery and healing period, the day after and evaluation of the surgical results.

Includes a handy and detailed checklist and useful tracking utilities, as well as authentic photographic documentation of the entire process!

Find inner love and balance and live in harmony with your body!

With I did it! you will be able to:

    • Find new freedom and confidence.
    • Develop a new relationship with your body and a deep sense of inner connection with yourself.
    • Productively deal with your fears and concerns and with the reactions of your immediate and distant surrounding.

You hold the ability to make a dramatic change in your life.

My review:

Now I want to make this very clear….I am not getting a tummy tuck. Do I need one? Possibly. Do I want one? Nope. Not slamming those that do but I just can’t take a month off of life to get it done. My life won’t let me (and I also don’t have any support except for BK).

Saying that, I thought this was a very written, thought out book that details the steps needed to prepare for the surgery and what happens afterwards. The author goes into detail about getting insurance set up, getting all of your ducks in a row (childcare, not smoking, kicking animals out of bed) and mentally preparing yourself for the surgery. Also, getting the girdle to keep your tummy flat. That was something I didn’t know about.

The aftercare was greatly detailed also. The draining of the tubes and general care. Also that the pain is not to be taken lightly. The author stressed that.

Overall, the book was a great book to read if you are thinking about getting one done!!!

How many stars will I give I did it!!!: 4

Will I read it again? Maybe, if I ever decide to get a tummy tuck.

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? Again, maybe. If I find out that they are having a tummy tuck done, this will be the go to book.

Age range? All ages.

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Disclaimer: I received I did it!!! from eBookPro for free for my honest review. All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.

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