Product Review: Nanci Perrin Digital Fever Thermometer

Nanci Perrin's Digital Fever Thermometer Ensures Fast Accurate Readings for Oral, Rectal & Underarm - Best Digital Thermometer for Baby,Kids & Adults - Best Oral Thermometer - FDA Approved

Product description:

Nanci Perrins Digital Fever Thermometer offers fast, safe and highly reliable fever and body temperature measurement readings for full optimum family care, ideal for Babies, Kids, Adults and even Pets.

Experience quick and simple Oral, Rectal or Underarm temperature taking with our Digital FDA Thermometer ,the perfect alternative to the Mercury Thermometer.


⦁ Fast Accurate Readings
⦁ Large Digital LCD Display
⦁ Flexible Tip
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ Fever Alarm Signal
⦁ Memory Store
⦁ Automatic Shut-Off
⦁ Lightweight & Compact
⦁ Battery Included


Each medical device undergoes rigorous testing ensuring all are 100% Clinically, CE & FDA Approved!

At Nanci Perrin we always strive to offer excellent customer service & a No-Hassle ONE Year Guarantee, No questions asked!

My Review:

I was in need of a digital thermometer ever since B put my old one in the dishwasher and I washed it. I had told her to put it on the counter but in like the only time she has ever listened to me, she put it in the dishwasher and I washed the dishes. So it died. So when I was approached by AMZ Kitchen Reviews to test out a Nanci Perrin Digital Thermometer, I jumped at it….lol.

Now, it just so happened that on the day I got it, my son was sick and I thought he had a fever. So I broke out my new thermometer and used it on him. It worked like a charm (and he had no fever). The only issue I had was…..that it was in Celsius not Fahrenheit. See, I took his temperature under his armpit and it came out as 37 C. Then I took it under his tongue (well as under his tongue as he would hold it….he wasn’t cooperating) and it came up at 35 C. I told BK that Z should be dead with these temps and then looked again and realized….whoopsie, it’s in Celsius.

It was an easy fix, though. Right on the manual (in teeny tiny words on the back), it tells you how to switch it over. But, I had back up. I googled a Celsius to Fahrenheit converter on my computer and plugged the numbers in and found out that he was at average temp. Then I switched it over….lol.

Besides that goof up (which was totally on me), I really liked this thermometer. It’s flexible, has a really easy to get on and off case, has a fever alarm (which will come in handy!!!) and it reads the temp in like 5 seconds. This is one item I will be telling everyone to get!!!

Amazon link. Please remember that the prices can and will change.

Nanci Perrin Digital Thermometer

Disclaimer: I received the Nanci Perrin Digital Thermometer from AMZ Kitchen Review for a heavily discounted price for my honest review. All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone.

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2 comments on “Product Review: Nanci Perrin Digital Fever Thermometer

  1. Katie D says:

    Sounds like a great thermometer 🙂


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