Not a review

This is not a review. I repeat, not a review.

Amazing, huh. That I write stuff other than reviews. I decided today, well to be honest a few minutes ago, that I needed more personal stuff on this blog. And what more than to blog about my minions…..ehrrrrmmmm, kids.

Braces. The bane of my existence in middle/high school.

So, B is getting braces. We had a dentist appointment on Feb 11th (all 3 kids, I don’t think I really thought that through that day…lol) and the dentist referred us to an orthodontist. Our orthodontist appointment (for both Z and B) was the end of Feb/beginning of March (can’t remember and my calendar is in the kitchen. Not going to get up and go check). Not only did we get it confirmed that B is going to need braces but Z is too.

B’s mouth is a mess. She had to have her canines pulled (actually they were pulled on Tuesday). Her adult canines are coming in at 40 degree angle and in front of the teeth to the right. She has an overbite with a large space between her teeth. And when I say overbite, her front teeth stick out and rest on her lower lip. Her lower jaw is underdeveloped. So she is going to need braces, headgear, possibly a chain for her canines and a retainer.

Monday, she goes and gets her spacers put in and impressions done. Lets just say that she isn’t a huge fan of braces as she once was. After getting her teeth pulled on Tuesday, she looked at me and said “Mom, braces are going to suck, aren’t they”. All said around a mouthful of gauze :(.

Z is going to go through the same thing as B…but not on such a grand scale and later on. See, Z is behind with his teeth. When I say behind, he hasn’t gotten his 6 year molars in yet and they are concerned because it looks like 2 teeth are competing for one space in his mouth. We were told that his braces might be in a few years (orthodontist said think 12-13).

All I have to say is thank god for insurance and for lower prices here in NC. To get B’s teeth pulled, we ended up paying $34, that was for 2 teeth. If she was going to get laughing gas, it would have been $68. She didn’t need laughing gas, they were able to pull her teeth without it. As for braces, we pay half and from what I have been told, we hit the jackpot with insurance….lol. Alot of insurances don’t cover braces. So yay???….lol.

What I picture Z at school doing

On Monday, I took Z to the Dr to get evaluated for ADD. Why get him evaluated, you say? Because he is having major issues focusing and concentrating at school and has had issues since kindergarten. I had him evaluated in school, through the school psychiatrist and the psychiatrist couldn’t come to a solid evaluation. So that’s when I decided to go through his Dr.

While I was there, I was hit with a major news bombshell…..he was diagnosed with ADD through his last primary care physician in MA and it was noted that I declined services for him. I was enraged. I had NOT (and let me repeat myself…NOT) talked to anyone from that office. And I certainly would have not declined any sort of services for him. At all. So I was beyond mad that they even wrote that on there. Mad to the point where I am debating contacting his old Dr’s office and asking why that was written on there. It specifically says “Mother declined services offered”. Not father. MOTHER.

For those of you who don’t know, I have fought with the Dr and the school over B’s diagnosis of ADHD/anxiety. She was in therapy for almost 2 years before we moved. So they know me there. I was what was the Dr’s office referred to as a “mega pain in the ass“. Because I demanded she get help. And guess what, she got it. So for that to be written for Z is totally not me.

But anyways, Dr G gave me a diagnosis and then wanted to know what medication we wanted to start Z on. I just looked at her and said “No meds“. The way she looked at me was beyond priceless. It was a “Are you fucking kidding me look“. Then I explained. Z is getting straight A’s in school. He is not hyper. He is not having behavior issues at school or at home. He just needs to be reminded to pay attention in class. There is no need for medication. If something changes, then yes, we will revisit it but as of right now, I want the school to put him on a 504 plan.

I think I gained her respect by declining medication. All she said afterwards was “You know what you are doing. Call me if you see any changes. Let me get the letterhead for the 504“. I am not going to let a Dr talk me into doing anything that I think is unbeneficial for my child. And while medication works for B (who has ADHD combined, which is all 3 earmarks), it will not work for Z (who has ADHD inattentive).

Well, I am going to end the blog on this note. B and Z will be home from school in minus 5 minutes and R is doing something she’s not supposed to. Keep an eye out for these types of posts!!!


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