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Book Review: The Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens

Book synopsis:

Fifteen-year-old Ashira just received the worst coming-of-age prophecy imaginable.

After years dreaming of oceans, princes, and fairies, she expected to hear the words that would finally whisk her away from her ordinary desert village. Instead she hears, “you will live a life of no renown.”

Ready to choose her own fate, she discovers a djinni’s bottle and starts making wishes. When the djinni proves uncooperative and annoying, Ashira sets out to the great city of magicians to learn magic and free herself from an uneventful life as a potter’s daughter.

But there is another prophecy being whispered in the shadows. It is said that among the great magicians, there is a demon on the rise with the power to destroy the world. The djinni might be Ashira’s only chance to become someone important, or he just might be the very demon that triggered the dark prophecy.

With the world on the brink of destruction, can Ashira fight her fate and stop the forces that threaten to upset the balance of the universe?

My review:

Words can’t even express how much I liked this book!!! I shouldn’t say like….I loved this book!!!

Ashira was a hoot. Her reaction to finding her out her destiny was exactly what I would have done if I had been in her shoes. And then her determination (along with finding Jin and his bottle!!!) to change it resulted in some dangerous, but funny, adventures.

It did take me a little bit to figure out who Jin was. The author didn’t hide it but didn’t put it out there either.

The writing was superb and jumped off the pages into my mind. I could see the dumb (but sweet) elves/pixies. I could smell the smoke/sea of the island that Ashira and Danith went to get rid of the demon. I was there when she struck up a friendship with Kylta and Raven and then stuck with them.

Not too many authors have the ability to do that.

The ending wasn’t what I expected, at all but fit the book perfectly. Hopefully the author will decided to do a book 2 and we can see what happened to everyone!!!!

Will I read this again? Yes

Will reccomend it to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Tween/teen on up. It is very clean but there is some violence in it.

Now onto the fun stuff!!!

Starting tomorrow (3-10-16) and ending on 3-16-16, The Stone Bearers will be $.99 on Amazon. This is a highly discounted price. The book is originally $9.99. I would snap it up!!!

On 3-10-16, you will be able to win an autographed copy of The Stone Bearers on The Future House Publishing blog.

Also on this date, Future House Publishing will be giving away free copies of The Stone Bearers on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I received The Stone Bearers for free from The Future House Publishing for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review.

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