Product Review: Weiss CZ Earrings Rhodium Plated


My review:

If you are looking for earrings that can go with blue jeans and a little black dress, look no further!!! Weiss CZ Earrings are perfect for all sorts of outfits/occasions. And just by looking, you wouldn’t know that they are cubic zirconia!!!

Most cubic zirconia earrings, well you can tell that they are exactly that. Not these earrings. They glisten, they sparkle and they look just like diamonds!!! Which is what you want if you are going to that fancy schmancy party.

They didn’t even irritate my super sensetive ears. I cannot leave earrings in for long periods of time or they swell up and get super irritated. Not these. I actually slept in them (forgot to take them out) and my ears were fine. Which 100% sold me on them.

Will I buy these again? Yes

Will I reccomend these to family and friends? Yes

Age range? Well, not for toddlers or younger children. So lets say, 10 on up….to be conservative.

Amazon link (please remember prices can and will change)

Weiss CZ Earrings

Disclaimer: I received Weiss CZ Earrings for a heavily discounted price for my honest review. I received no financial compensation for this review and all opinions stated are mine.

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