Product review: Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer

Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer with Insulated Thermo Pockets for Drinks & Touch Screen Tablet Holder up to 11"

My Review:

Two weekends ago, BK cleaned out the car and took out trash (mainly B’s wrappers….she is very messy),toys, books and some clothes (R likes to take her socks and shoes off during long, and even short, drives and they get lost…lol). He looked at me and said “We need something to keep all of this crap off the floor of the car. It looks awful when we open the car door”. I didn’t tell him that I had the same thoughts and that Bearoy had seemingly read my mind and sent me a Car Back Seat Organizer to review.

Two words come to mine with this product: LOVE IT!!!!!!! 


Took it out of my car to take the picture. Ignore the crying child in the bottom of the picture. R was mad because she couldn’t play with the snaps and threw a tantrum.

I hung it off of the passenger side seat, in front of R’s carseat and next to where B sits. I put some books, a couple of toys, an extra pair of socks (for R because of her fascination of taking of her shoes and socks during our outings) and a plastic bag for B’s (and sometimes Z’s trash).

As for the tablet part, BK said that he would sacrifice his tablet for our long drives….if we ever drive somewhere. Right now, due to money and BK’s work schedule and B’s upcoming softball schedule, we aren’t going anywhere. Going up to the mountains (Blowing Rock/Boone) has been discussed for when the kids get out of school but not right now.

Anyways, this Car Back Seat Organizer will be invaluable to us once we do travel. And it does have multiple uses. You can use it in the closet, on a crib, on a stroller or in the pantry!!! I have BK about 85% talked into getting a new one…lol.

Will I buy it again? Yes. I have a feeling that it will happen in the near future and I am awesome about predicting things like that…lol.

Will I reccomend it to family and friends? Absolutely!!!

Age range? Newborn on up

Amazon links. Please remember that prices can and will change:

Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer

Disclaimer: I received Bearoy Car Back Seat Organizer for a heavily discounted price for my honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for my review.

What I am reviewing next:

Look for the review in the next few days!!!



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