Up and coming reviews

Here’s a list of stuff to be on the look out for me. Some stuff I am waiting for in the mail and I will update ASAP when I get it.

From Tomoson:

*Product review: Detangling brush (be on the lookout  for this within the next week)

*Book Review: Netopia (also be on the lookout for this book within the next week)

*Book Review: Tale of a Ring (just got this today…look for the review in the next couple of weeks)

*Book Review: I Wish I Were A Square: A Children’s book (Still waiting on the coupon code from the publisher. As soon as I get it…I will update.)

I have also been invited (and applied) to test a UFO Drone and a foldable selfie stick. Will update as soon as I hear from those people!!!

From Crowdtap:

*Reynold’s Crockpot Liners (This will be a while. Haven’t shipped yet)

*o.b. Tampons (Again, will be a while. THey haven’t shipped yet)

I am also waiting to hear and see if I got accepted into the RoC sample, the Reynold’s Parchment Paper sample and the Listerine Sample. Will update when I do.


*Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc. I just need to write my blog review and I am done.

And that’s it. I will update if I get more!!


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