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Book Review: So We Said Goodbye by Rama Marinov Cohen

Before I do my review, I have to put up this disclaimer: I received this product from Tomoson and EBookPro for free for my honest review. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review. As with my other reviews, I will post the link to Amazon after my review is done.

So We Said Goodbye

Book synopsis:

Young love cannot be left behind

The reunion of childhood sweethearts shakes up their world when passionate memories become a life-changing reality.

Yaron has just turned fifty when he receives an unexpected phone call. Nearly thirty years ago, his childhood sweetheart slammed the door shut behind her and walked out of his life. Now, she calls him and asks to meet. What does she want? Can he refuse?

They each have a life and a family, but memories of a first love carry a threatening power of their own. The repercussions of their late reunion are many; their lives and marriages are shaken up, leading, reluctantly, to psychotherapy, disturbing in its own way. In the swirl of memories and unresolved secrets, nothing is safe, including everything they worked for their entire lives.

The flame of young passion never dies; its memory is inscribed within the body and soul. Two people in the middle of their lives are compelled to deal with the resurgence of their past. In distinct voices they narrate their conflicting memories of the youth they shared, the youth that shaped the people they have become.

What would you give up to experience young love once again?

My review:

This was such a good and well written book!!! It took me on an emotional rollercoaster with the characters (Aya/Uri, Yaron/Hagar). It made me remember my own first love and it also made me firm in my resolve not to contact him. Because it could cause conflict in everyone’s life.

The emotional affair between Aya and Yaron was heartbreaking because you know that the spouses were hurting. Which is why I was pleased when the author started writing from Hagar’s point of view and how she felt and her emotions.

The ending was extremely bittersweet but I am glad the author wrapped it up the way she did. Made me feel, fulfilled as a reader.

Will I read it again? Yes

Would I reccomend it to friends and family? Yes

Now, onto the Amazon links. Please remember, that the prices can and will change on Amazon. Also, this book is on preorder. So I will be linking the paperback.

If you buy it, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!



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