Product review:NESTL 100% Microfiber Bed Sheets


Before I do my review, I have to put up this disclaimer: I received this product from Tomoson and DDP for my honest review at a highly discounted price.  Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review. As with my other reviews,  I will post the Amazon link after my review is done.

I will be honest here, I wasn’t expecting to like these sheets. See, I have **issues** with buying sheets that are, well, not too comfortable. So when this opportunity came my way, I took it but not without thinking “Please be nice and comfy, please be nice and comfy”.

Well, wasn’t I surprised when I got the sheets and took them out of the package. Talk about smooth and velvety feeling. I immediately thought to myself “Me like”. I washed them and then put them on my bed.


R was *helping* make the bed

These have to be the comfiest sheets that I have ever had….well outside of staying in a hotel. They washed and dried perfectly (no shrinking) and look at how they went on. Even with a **helpful** 2 year old climbing on the bed, the sheets barely wrinkled. LOVE IT!!!

They come in a variety of colors (we chose green because…well we are different). The colors to pick from (for a queen size bed) were:





*Navy Blue

*Chocolate Brown

*Aqua Light Blue

*Beige Cream

*Burgundy Red

*Came Gold

*Charcoal Stone Gray

*Mocha Light Brown

*Purple Eggplant

*Sage Olive Green

*Silver Gray

For sizes, they come in Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Twin XL, Pillowcase King, Pillowcase Standard and Split King. They include two pillowcases (not shams) with the fitted and top sheet.

Sleeping on these sheets have been heaven. Even BK, who is super picky about sheets because of my sheet mishaps, loves them. We are talking about buying another set after we get taxes back. We like them that much!!!

Would I reccomend them to family and friends? Absolutely.

Would I buy them again? As I said above….we are talking about getting them.

Here is the Amazon link that I promised. Remember, the price can and will change!!!:



2 comments on “Product review:NESTL 100% Microfiber Bed Sheets

  1. Darn, I wish these were bamboo. But these sound nice as well. Great color choices too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • easonjolie5 says:

      Thanks. I was trying to get BK to go with the silver gray color (matches our comforter. But he wanted green and wouldn’t budge. I am thinking of getting B and Z these in the twin sizes too.


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