A different kind of post

My opinions on this post are mine and mine alone. I am doing this for free for Generation Good to raise awareness about unsafe chemicals off store shelves.

I will admit, I was one who never really what chemicals were in products that I was using. Then a I read a news article and another one about breast cancer and it being tied to chemicals in our products and I went “Whoa”. When I read that the EPA, through the TSCA,  has only banned or regulated 5 chemicals from 1976, I did a double “Whoa”. That’s when I decided I need to take action. So I sent an email to my senator and I tweeted them also (links will be included at the end of this post).

This is 110% horrendous. As a mother, I want the security knowing that my children are being protected and part of that security comes from the everyday household products that I use. So reading these facts have made me sick to my stomach. Something needs to change and by signing the petition and Tweeting your local senator, you can make it happen.

Only you, as a person, can make your overpaid, lazy Senators address this issue and force them to make a change!!!*

Here are the links:

Email There is a form that you need to fill out. If you do not want to get any emails from the Breast Cancer fund, just uncheck the box.

Twitter handles For whatever reason, I am not seeing the Twitter/Facebook pages for all the US Senators. It might be my computer or the government might have taken them down. You would be best to google your local Senator and see if he/she has one.

*I am not a fan of the government and will rarely post about how dissatisfied I am. But I do think that this post warrants a little jab.



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