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Book Review: Selling Your Service by Sebastian Hirsch

Selling Your Service by Sebastian Hirsch
Selling Your Service by Sebastian Hirsch

Before I do my review, I have to put up this disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for a highly discounted priced through Tomoson and the publisher. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone. I received no financial compensation for this review. Now, on to the review. At the end of the review, I will include links to Amazon and a few other sites where you can find the book/learn more about the author. Now onto the review.

Book synopsis:

In this informative book written by Sebastian Hirsch, readers are able to develop a clear understanding of the process involved in bringing a product or service of their creation to market. With a focus on leveraging the unique personal and professional experiences of the reader, Hirsch offers valuable advice regarding every aspect of the initial creative process all the way through the exploration of opportunities to sell the company at a significant profit.

Professionals in any industry can benefit from the information and insight Hirsch provides, as the book is written in a manner that ensures its usefulness across a variety of professions and industries. Even though the book is intended for a wide audience that includes entrepreneurs seeking to gain a foothold in incredibly diverse industries, Hirsch has included industry-specific information so every reader can understand how each piece of advice can be applied to the industry in which they are operating.

Determined to help burgeoning entrepreneurs understand the importance of practical decision-making strategies and the value of advance planning, Hirsch includes specific examples demonstrating the consequences of some of the more common mistakes while also highlighting the benefits of a sensible and goal-oriented approach to business. Preaching practicality and sensibility, Hirsch delineates how it is possible to achieve a balance between an aggressive approach and patient, thoughtful planning.

While Hirsch notes the value of confidence and self-assurance throughout each step of the process, he also reminds readers to carefully evaluate each move to prevent the kind of mistakes frequently made out of sheer hubris. The emphasis on thoughtful planning makes this the ideal book for aggressive entrepreneurs who could benefit from adopting a more patient and thoughtful approach in order to bring their unique vision to life.

With years of experience building and consulting countless startups, Hirsch understands the difficulties entrepreneurs often encounter along the way. In “Sebastian Hirsch’s Selling Your Service – Your Expertise Turned Into Dollars,” the author takes on the role of a trusted advisor whose only goal is to ensure the long-term success of the entrepreneur. Hirsch’s book is intended to serve as a voice of reason for entrepreneurs, encouraging readers to passionately pursue their goals while warning them not to lose their wits in the process.

My review:

Front of this wonderful book
Front of this wonderful book

When I received this book, I looked at it and went “Ehhhhhh, do I really want to read this?” I kept putting it off because of past experiences with books like this. They had always been too dry or a bit too technical for me to understand.

Back of this amazing book
Back of this amazing book

Well, I am happy to report that this book isn’t dry or technical. The author did a wonderful job of explaining how to start-up a business, keep it going, expand and sell a business in a way that I 110% understood what he was talking about. It actually made me excited to start my own business (and then I had to take a step back and say….ummmm no, I can’t. LOL).

Reading the book
Reading the book

While I was reading this book, I came to the realization that what Mr. Hirsch wrote down could be applied to anywhere in life, not just in business. Which is a plus!!

I gave this book to BK to read also. He really liked it also!!!

Will I read this book again? Yes. It didn’t put me to sleep and it had some really good points on how to get your business started, maintain the business, expand the business and sell it, when you are ready.

Will I lend this book out to friends and family? Absolutely.

Now for the links (price at time of posting, can and will change):




Hugo Sebastian Hirsch website

Sebastian Hirsch website

Sebastian Hirsch IMBD



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