Product review: Robitussin Extended Release 12 Hour Cough Relief


Before I get to my review, I to say that I received this item for free from Crowdtap to review. Any and all opinions are mine and mine alone and I did not receive any financial compensation. Now saying that, onto my review.

When I got this product, I got it in the nick of time.

See, I had just come down with a bad cold (which it turned out to be bronchitis, a sinus infection and a perforated ear drum…yeah, I was a mess). I started coughing and literally got my package with my coupons the next day.

How I felt when I got my coupons….lol.

I took it per the directions on the package and it did work…for a while (remember…bronchitis and a sinus infection…not fun). Took it in the morning and the coughing held off for 12 hours. Not so much as a peep from me. Well, until I laid down. But that is a whole different post


Yes, I know it is unopened. Had to go buy a new one because I used up the first one I got.

I had the choice of getting grape or orange and I obviously chose……grape. I mean, orange is good (and I associate it with OJ) but for some reason, grape just tastes better. There was no sweet aftertaste in my mouth and it went down fine.

Now, before some one asks, yes the photos are dated for today. See, I got several coupons and used up the bottle that BK got me. Then I had a guest (MIL) who stayed for a month. So I wasn’t able to run right out to get it. She left this morning and guess what I did.

What I also liked about this (because I read the fine print on the side) is that my almost 8 and almost 10-year-old can use this. Unfortunately, R can’t. It says on the side “Under 4—-do not use”. It’s there for a reason.

So, will I be using this again? Damn Skippy I will be. I worked great for me the first time and I have already picked up the second bottle….lol.



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