Product Review: Tastykake Mini’s

Before I start my review, I need to say a few things. Any and all opinions are mine and mine alone and I received this product, for free, through Influenster, to test and review.  Also, I have a couple of links I would love for you to click on. They are Facebook and Instagram. So please click and follow!! Thanks!!!

Yummy stuff!!

Yummy stuff!!

I will be honest, before getting into the Vox Box, I had never, ever tasted a Tastykake before. So it was a treat to get receive this in the mail. A big treat.

I decided to give this to R to try out. And oh boy, did she love it. She devoured the first package and wanted more. To say that she liked them is an understatement. When B and Z came home from school, I asked them to try them out, as an afterschool snack. Here is what they said :

B: These are really good. I like how they are small enough to fit in your mouth and they have a lot of cream in them.

Z: MMMPHM (translated: my mouth is too full and I tried to talk and Mom yelled at me). After he swallowed: I LOVE these. They were delicious.

I did try these….after the kids went to bed. They were delicious. I loved that cream filled inside was appropriate to the size. I also loved that they were mini sized. I do think that if I wasn’t paying attention, I would eat a whole bunch of these in one sitting, which isn’t a good thing because I am trying to lose weight.

So will I buy them? Absolutely!!! They were a huge hit with my 2, 7 and 9-year-old.


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