Product Review: Apple & Eve Organics


I got selected to review Apple & Eve Organics through Influenster. Any and all opinions stated are mine and mine alone. These were free products.

I was so pumped when I got selected for the Apple & Eve VoxBox. Like super pumped. See, back in the day, Z used to take them to school with his lunch and snack until he told me that they were **uncool**. Which made me sad because I thought they were cool.

Anyways, I decided to try R on them the day after I got them. Of course, I stuck them in the fridge to make sure that they were cold…warm juice is gross.

This was her face while drinking them:

I am not sure, so I am going to smile with a mouthful of juice.

I am not sure, so I am going to smile with a mouthful of juice.

She was not a fan. But don’t fear Apple & Eve, she hates juice period. I thought your product would be the one that turn her onto it. Nope, didn’t happen.

I decided to take a sip because, you know, I am reviewing this. And you know what, I loved it!!!!!!!!! The taste was great (actually, just what I remembered).

When B and Z came home from school, I filled up a couple of glasses full of the Quenchers and told them to drink it with their snack. Unfortunately, Miss R decided that she was going to act up while they were sampling it and I was not able to get pictures. But here is what they said:

R: It feels good in your mouth, throat and stomach. I really liked it. It was delicious.

Z (trying to upstage R): I give it two thumbs and two big toes up. Even Cap (Captain America…he’s obsessed) would drink this.

So, will I be buying Apple & Eve again. Absolutely. The Quenchers were perfect for an after school drink with snack and the juice boxes are perfect size to put in the lunch boxes. Thanks again Influenster and Apple & Eve for the opportunity!!!


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