Product review: Folgers Flavors Coffee Enchancers

I want to start off by saying that I received these for free to sample from Folgers via Crowdtap. Any and all opinions are mine and mine alone. Now that I said that, here is my review:


I was thrilled to death when I received my package yesterday. Coffee enhancers? Why thank you very much, Crowdtap!!!

Since I am a weirdo and drink coffee only in the morning, I waited until after I got B and Z on the bus to make my coffee. I was literally dancing in the kitchen with R in anticipation.

I made my cuppa and went to add the vanilla enhancer. The first thing that I noticed, while adding it, was that the smell of vanilla was strong, very strong, and it kept getting stronger the longer I kept it open. It also smelled extremely artificial, if that is even a smell. It was so strong that even R, at 2, wanted to know what “was melly, Momma?”  I made BK sniff it to make sure it wasn’t me and he assured me that it was very overpowering.

My excitement died down some and I decided to try a sip. Which I immediately spit out. The taste was very bitter and very, very vanillary. I made BK try too he said it tasted like they used too much vanilla extract.

I was disappointed. I had been looking forward to trying this and it totally didn’t meet my expectations. I want to tell Folgers, though, that it is a great concept and if you fix the vanilla, I will try it again. I promise!!!


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