Morons of Crowdtap

So, I belong to a site called Crowdtap. A wonderful site that gives me gift cards at the end of each month for answering questions (and yes, it is legit…lol). Unfortunately, as a friend and myself have figured out, there are morons on that site. People who don’t know how to read or who just kinda ignore what was asked.  My favorite people are the ones who are in a brand and they either don’t have kids/have a pet/a car and they answer the question as such.


So, my friend and I decided that I needed to start a blog called Morons of Crowdtap and put up the screenshots of these shining examples of people who I share the same planet with.

I will be blacking out my name (for privacy’s sake) but here is one.

A) Doesn't ask if your car windows are tinted and B)What song!!!

As you see above, this person was more interested in explaining how he/she didn’t have tints on the car window BUT they still gave a great performance. My issue….what is the song? Is it Beethoven or Gwar? Guess I will have to use my ever fertile imagination on this one.

As my friend and myself were discussing, I think I will make this a daily (if I can) item on this blog.  Like I stated in another blog post, I have a 2 year old and she is extremely needy lately. Which means, I spend a lot of time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and doing toddler stuff with her. Plus, she is cutting her molars and that hasn’t been very fun….for either of us.


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