Daily Thoughts for 9-1-2015

My daily thoughts (kinda like Jack Handy but not so cool)

Never trust a 2-year-old with a bag of chips…..they end up all over the floor and said 2-year-old spazzing out because they aren’t in her bag

Do not believe a 2-year-old when she says you have a fly on your face. You will end up being bitch smacked by a popsicle.

7 and 9 year olds are moody little tweens. Never try to disrupt their temper tantrums or forever suffer their wrath.

It is fulfilling to think your life is so much better than a certain homophobic, Supreme Court ignoring clerk in Kentucky. It is also fulfilling to think that she will no longer have her job because of her misguided beliefs. Those in glass houses…..

My life would be so less interesting if I didn’t have children. I wouldn’t know the joys of threatening my kids to go to bed, taking away Kindles and being told that “I am a big huge meanie!!!!” and watching Jeopardy to get a certain 2-year-old to go to sleep.

I have a wiseass for a 9 year old. She decided to fill in Saturday and Sunday on our dry erase board with “Shopping and Chilling Out….I hate Wal-Mart. Her name :)” and “Dad and Mom sleep in”. She also took it upon herself to correct my spelling. Gotta love her!!!!


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