New thing

I am going to try to do a daily blog entries.

Stress try.

I am pretty busy up until 9pm so it might not happen on a daily basis. But I will try.

Highlights from today:

Ghost Monkeys:

What R swears she sees under my bed at night. I should be scared, right???

R has been insisting that she sees ghost monkeys under my bed and she is very adamant that they bite her toes. Should I be scared? Should I call Ghostbusters or do a smudge? She won’t let us in the bedroom without her checking under the bed and making sure that they are all gone. Z went under the bed to show her that they weren’t under there and she freaked out. Ran out of the bedroom, screaming and crying. I had to pull Z (who was laughing like a loon), out from under the bed to show R that he was still there and didn’t follow those rascally Ghost Monkeys to wherever they go.

Or it should read: B’s worst day of the week ever!!!

B hates Monday with a passion. Mainly because she has to wake up early, get on a bus and go to that place that makes her use her brain and not let her play Minecrack: School. Before school, she is tolerable. After school, forget it. We battled for 20 mins over 5 frigging math problems that she did wrong and a sentence in her reading log. I finally gave up, signed her agenda book (with a note to the teacher about her unfinished work) and called it a day. She can deal with the teacher tomorrow.

The exact face Z makes when he gets woken up.

Z has a hate/hate relationship with mornings. He hates getting up, he hates eating, he hates getting dressed and ((drum roll please)) he hates me for making him do that!!! He does not do mornings….at all. He’s fine once he comes home from school but mornings are his nemesis. Big time.


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