So, I’m back. Like, really back and not just blowing air up your ass.

Where have I been?

Whelp, I moved to Hickory, NC.

Yup, the girl who barely drove to the next town over drove almost 700 miles to Hickory. BK and Z were in the moving van and I had R and B the entire ride.

Why did I move? I am going to be private on this one. Lets just say that it was for a good reason and keep it at that.

Are the kids happy? Oh yes. They are ecstatic. They started school last week. B is in 4th grade and loves her teacher. Z is in 2nd grade and loves his teacher. R is still kinda confused as to where they go every day. According to B, she is getting A’s and A+’s in math (which is her weak point) and that makes me excited. She was barely passing last year. That is a big thing!!!

B’s attitude has done a 180. She is not as stressed any more and isn’t taking it out on BK and myself. She has been a pleasure to be around. She still has that awful 9 1/2 year old tween attitude but it wasn’t like it was before.

Is the school good? YES!!! It is fantastic. Offers a whole lot more than the old school (like after school help and after school clubs). The guidance counselor has implemented B’s 504 plan (all of it) and she is talking to the special ed department about getting her IEP switched over. BK and I will be meeting with her, the principal and the teacher in a month to see where B stands.

Are you happy? Insanely. I am removed from 90% of what was making me depressed and the other 10% is being worked on.

Will you being doing book reviews and all that other crap? Yes. On the days that BK is working and when R will let me, I will be putting them up. Actually, be on the look out for an insanely huge list of books I have read since the last list I put up. LOL.

How’s the area you live in and more importantly, how is the weather? Hickory has a small town feel. I believe that it has around 40k people. The weather is actually nice….right now. It is very similar to MA/NH in terrain and weather. Except that we live almost an hour from the Blue Ridge Mountains and where I lived in MA, we were about 4 hours away.

So that’s all folks. Keep an eye out for that insanely huge list of books at some point between today and tomorrow. I have to drive BK to the shuttle, get the kids off the bus, supervise homework and then get them ready for bed.


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