Influenster: Nurture VoxBox

**Disclaimer before I start writing my post: I received this VoxBox for free. Any and all opinions are my own. Now, that being said….onto the post.


When I got the email that I was selected to get the Nurture Vox Box, I was happy and a little skeptical when I saw the list of stuff we would be receiving. I thought “Nah, I wouldn’t be getting all of that stuff for free”.

Well, I was wrong and I will admit it.

Look at all of the stuff I got. Shampoo, sunscreen (which I need for myself and R), licorice!!!!!, coupons for tater tots AND Uncle Ben’s rice. Plus more. I almost had a heart attack when I opened the box (true story….lol).

So, have I used the stuff I got. You bet. I used the coupons (Ore Ida and Uncle Ben’s), the shampoo (Z refused to use it…said it smelled too girly) and the sunscreen.

I am saving the face mask for a time where I want to scare the hell out of my kids and get a good laugh about it. The Dramamine will be used in the near future, as will the coupons for the sunscreen.

So, to sum it all up, I loved the Vox Box. It has been the best one I have gotten to date. Thanks Influenster (and all the brands) for an awesome box!!!!!


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