Haven’t been able to put up any book reviews for the last few books I have read. Life got in the way the last couple of weeks. Here’s what happened:

* R had an awful cold and started to no sleep through the night again. Which meant BK and I got next to no sleep. She is just starting to get better.

*B and Z had Drs’ appointments. Both had physicals and B had her biweekly meeting with her therapist and her bimonthly meeting with the NP who does her meds. Plus, I am in the middle of getting Z assessed for high functioning autism and ADHD.

* The weather. It has sucked donkey balls and we are getting more snow by Tuesday. Another 4-8″. I cannot wait for spring.

So all of these together have made it really difficult for me to sit down and blog. I will try to catch up but I will tell you that it might not happen. So here’s the list of books that I have read and I will add the link to Amazon (hyperlinked to the cost) next to the author/title.

I will blog my next book. Promise.

The books:

Bad Vibrations (The Sedona Files: Book 1) by Christine Pope. Price (subject to change): Free

The Scarlet Dagger (The Red Sector Chronicles: Book 1) by Krystle Jones. Price (subject to change): Free

Heku (Heku: Book 1) by T.M. Nielson. Price: Free

Ghost of a Chance by Emma Daniels. Price: Free

Book I am reading now:

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


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