Product Review via Smiley 360: Boursin Cheese (Mission)

I got selected to try out Boursin Cheese, for free, through Smiley 360. All opinions are my own and Smiley 360/Boursin did not compensate my financially for a positive review.


I got accepted into this mission right before my parents annual Christmas party. I was sent a coupon for a container of Boursin Cheese that was free (up to a $7.99 value). This is a product that I wouldn’t have used outside the holidays….so good timing for the mission.

When I went to buy this, I went to the deli as directed in the mission statement. After asking where this cheese was, and the people having no clue, I eventually found it in with the Brie/Gouda….etc. So just a heads up to anyone looking for it. That case (which is called International Cheese at my grocery store) is located between the bakery and the produce section.

The reviews I got at the part was fantastic. Everyone loved how easy it was to spread the cheese on the crackers and the taste was out of this world!!! I will be buying this again for other parties. Thank you Boursin Cheese and Smiley 360 for allowing me to sample this!!


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