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Book Review: The Bride Price (Civil War Brides: Book 1) by Tracey Jane Jackson

The Bride Price (Civil War Brides, #1)

Format read in: Kindle

Price at time of purchase: $0.00

Price now: Kindle: $0.00, Paperback: $11.21 (Amazon)

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Civil War

Goodreads synopsis:

Is love timeless? Does only one true love exist for each person? Can the course of history be changed in order to save a future generation? Sophie Ford, awaiting a heart transplant, thought she was sleeping in the arms of her beloved husband, Jamie, however, she has woken to find herself in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1863, without explanation as to how she got there, or where her husband is. She finds refuge with a doctor and his family, but develops a volatile relationship with their neighbor, Richard Madden. His expectations become difficult to ignore, and Sophie must figure out a way to hold off his advances. When a soldier shows up looking identical to Jamie, but not knowing who she is, Sophie decides she must make him remember. Will her love for him help him remember? Will they rediscover their love in the new century, or will Richard threaten their chance to reunite? Will Sophie survive the threat against her life and destiny?  

My review:

What I liked about The Bride Price:

*It was a time travel romance that actually separated the two main characters and gave Jamie (James) amnesia!!! Loved that.

* I loved Sophie’s character and the fact that the author decided to send her back in time to save her life. I thought her spunkiness and the fact that she refused to alter history (where some books would have made her into a vapid idiot) was refreshing.

* The love story was intense. You could feel it coming off the pages of the book.

What I disliked about The Bride Price:

* Two words: Richard Madden. Couldn’t stand him. While I did feel bad for him, I thought he was a very selfish man.

* The fact that the book lagged a little in the middle. But all books do, regardless if they are good or not.

* The ending seemed a little rushed and everything was solved/taken care of within the last couple of chapters.

Book I am reading now:

Shadow of the Sun (Timeless, #1)



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