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Book Review: Death’s Angels (Terrach Chronicles: Book 1) by William King

It’s book review time. Before I get to the book, here’s the low down on it:

Death's Angels

Format read in: Kindle

Price at time of purchase: $0.00

Price now: $0.00 (Amazon)

Genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy

Goodread’s Synopsis:

In a world of magic and gunpowder, the half-breed Rik must rise from simple soldier to the deadliest assassin the world has ever known.

In Death’s Angels, Rik and his fellow soldiers of the Seventh Infantry uncover a sinister conspiracy to waken an ancient slumbering evil. They encounter the lovely and terrible Lady Asea, immortal sorceress and ultimate manipulator of men and nations. Their deadly quest will eventually take them to the haunted city of the cannibalistic Spider God to face the hidden peril lurking there.”

My review:

What I liked about Death’s Angels:

*The main characters. Leon, Rik, Sarge, The Barbarian, Gunther were very well written. They seemed to come off the page at you. Rik’s story is the only the really pops at you and when you read the more you will figure out why.

* The book flowed nicely. It went from one scene to another without any awkwardness. Which is a plus for me. I hate it when I read a book and the chapters don’t seem to flow together.

* The Terrach’s. The back story was very interesting. So interesting that I am going to be on the look out for the other books in the series.

What I dislikes at Death’s Angels:

*The cover. I honestly almost didn’t download this book because of the cover. To me, it doesn’t gel with the story.

*Rik’s back story. I kinda wish the author got more into Rik’s story instead of just letting it trickle out. But, on the other hand, it did move me to want to read the other books so….

* I could only come out with 2 dislikes….lol.

Book I am reading now:

My Familiar Stranger (Knights of Black Swan, #1)




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