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Book review/catch up post

So, I’ve been lax (really lax actually) about writing book reviews. So sorry, but life happens (and in my case, oh boy did it happen). I will try to keep up on posting reviews. Not promising but will try.

Anyways, here are the books I have read since Aislin of Arianhod and what I thought of them. Then the actual review of the book I just finished.

So here goes nothing:

Rex Cresting by Chrystalla Thoma (was an “eh” book for me)

Nightmare’s Paradise by Walter Williams (loved this book)

Project ELE by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckles (was an “eh” book for me)

Maggie For Hire by Kate Danely (Loved this book)

The Long Way Home by Andrea Stark (didn’t like this book)

Dark Earth by Jason Halstead (was an “eh” book for me)

Voidhawk by Jason Halstead (loved this book)

Wanted by Jason Halstead (loved this book)

Dating a Cougar by Donna McDonald (was an “eh” book for me)

The Maze Runner by James Dashner (love, love, loved this book)

Now to my review of the book I just read. Here goes nothing :):

Its book review time. Before I get to my review, here’s the lowdown on the book:

A Lesson in Passion

Format read in: Kindle

Price at time of purchase: $0.00

Price now: Kindle: $0.00, Paperback: $8.96 (Amazon)

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Historical Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Goodreads synopsis:

“Ginny has a successful career, nice home and good friends. The only thing she’s missing is love. Her past attempts at dating always seem to end badly, until a friend recommends some romance novels. Meant to be instructional, Ginny laughs off their usefulness. Ian is a powerful Scottish laird, living in Medieval times. As the new leader of his clan, he is honor bound to make decisions that benefit his people. Tough, but fair, Ian has made a name for himself among the clans of the Highlands. A freak accident leaves Ginny in a world within herself, the world of the romance novel heroine. Fighting off an evil band of Lowlanders, Ginny meets her hero, Ian, powerful laird of the clan McKenna. Ginny soon realizes she is in the body of an Englishwoman and is being forced to live with the McKenna clan. Ginny assumes she must fall in love to move out of this world and back into her own. So before her hero can marry another, she schemes to win him back and hopefully reach her goals.” 

My review:

What I liked about A Lesson in Passion :

I liked that the author didn’t take herself too seriously. She made fun of typical romance situations (including the sex scenes) and made them funny.

* The heroine was a ball to the walls type girl. And I liked that.

* The sex scenes were hot. Need that in a romance novel…lol.

What I didn’t like about A Lesson in Passion:

* I really didn’t like that Ginny kept getting verbally/physically abused when she went back in time and that Ian didn’t do anything. He actually said it was alright for Broderick to backhand her for laughing at him. Didn’t sit right with me.

* The rape and abuse of Alec’s wife. While it wasn’t described in great detail, there was enough said that could cause a flashback for a rape survivor.

*The ending. I don’t like cliff hangers.

Would I recommend A Lesson in Passion to other readers?

Yes. But be on the look out for triggers if you have been a victim of rape or domestic violence.

Book I am reading now:

Frozen Prospects


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