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Book Review: Wishland by Christina Burke

It’s book review time. Before I get to my review, here’s the low down on the book:


Format read in: Kindle

Price at time of purchase: $0.00

Price now: $1.99 (Amazon)

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Adult, Fairy Tales

Goodreads synopsis:

“In the city of Dayton lives a beautiful, curvaceous, woman named Crystal. She can’t seem to find her life’s path and has always felt out-of-place. Until one day, Crystal’s father sends her to an estate sale to buy jewelry for the family business, and she meets Lance.
Lance has been searching for Crystal for a long time, and has finally found her. But can he make Crystal realize how special she is and accept her true destiny?
How quickly things can change… with one kiss.
In the blink of an eye Crystal is pulled out of her old life and is thrown into a whole new world.
Take the journey with Crystal into the magical world of Wishland. A world filled adventure, magic, and fairy tale creatures at every turn.” 

My review:

What I liked about Wishland:

*It was genuinely funny. Like laugh until tears come out of your eyes funny.

* There were relatable characters. Well, somewhat relatable.

* It would have made an awesome kids book….minus the sex and the swearing

What I disliked about Wishland:

*Nothing, really

Would I read Wishland again?


Would I recommend Wishland to other people?


Book I am reading now:

Aislin of Arianrhod



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