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Book Review: King’s Ransom (Eyes of Darkness: Book#7)

It’s book review time. Before I get to my review, here’s the low down on the book:

Format read in: Kindle

Price at time of purchase: $0.00

Price now: $2.99 (Amazon)

Genre: Paranormal, fantasy, erotica

Goodreads synopsis:

“When a young upstart alpha werewolf moves in on Ardalyn Hunter’s grandfather’s region, she finds herself in the center of pack politics while coming into her own as the Huntress.
Ryman King becomes an unwitting pawn in the alpha’s plan when he uses him to lure Ardalyn into the open.

Will Ardalyn and Ryman’s relationship be worth a king’s ransom?” 

My reivew:

What I liked about King’s Ransom 

*Again (as with the last couple of books), it had hot werewolf sex.

* The characters were somewhat relatable.

* I liked Perrin’s character….alot. He cracked me up, for some reason.

What I didn’t like about King’s Ransom 

*The sex. I was burnt out on all of the sex by the time the characters got around to it

*The plot. It confused me. The book started off with a werewolf that was trying to take over all of the packs (and stop the destined pair from mating) and ended with Ardalyn and Ryman’s relationship.

* I couldn’t stand Ardalyn’s character. I wanted to reach through the pages and bitch slap her. She was this tough woman until she met Ryman and then it was the opposite. Plus, she started acting like a spoiled brat.

Would I read King’s Ransom again?


Would I reccomend King’s Ransom to other people?

Yes but with the warning that it was erotica. Erotica doesn’t float alot of people’s boats, if you know what I mean.

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