Halloween TruMoo Campaign from Bzz Agent

I got accepted into the Halloween TruMoo Campaign from Bzz Agent.  Seeing that B and Z like chocolate milk and love Halloween, I figured “Perfect”. When I showed them the coupons and told them that there was going to be orange milk, they were beyond excited.

I was excited too, until I had a hard time finding not only the regular Tru Moo but the Tru Moo with the orange milk. I grocery shop 2-3 times a week (one main shopping and then picking up odds and ends). Not only was it out at my regular grocery store but when I hit up Shaws, Stop and Shop, Costco and BJ’s. Nada. I finally got the chocolate milk at Hannafords (where I usually grocery shop) and gave it to my kids. Of course, Z and B wanted the orange milk.

Of course, they want the one thing that I couldn’t (and still can’t) find. Of course. I even had BK looking when he went out and I had my MIL look. 

NADA. So, I am going to assume that either it was so popular that I couldn’t find it or it wasn’t rolled out in my area. 

Oh well. I will tell you that they loved the chocolate milk and I think I will buy stock in Tru Moo…lmao.


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