Long time no blog

So, I know I have been MIA for the past month. Here’s a quick run down of what has been going on:

I had a baby…lol.

Yup, Baby R was born Sept 29th at 10:53 am. I had an unintentional natural delivery. How is it unintentional? Well here’s the story:

I woke up around 630 to mild cramping. Didn’t think anything of it, peed and went back to bed. When I woke up next, around 8-830, I had contractions that were 8 mins apart. So, BK and I figured that we enough time to get breakfast (Honey Dew donuts…yum) and get the kids lunch at the supermarket. While I was waiting at Hannaford’s, my contractions were every 5 mins. So, when BK came out, I made him rush right home.

We get there, I call my OB and get a call back from the Dr on call. After answering a couple of questions (how far apart and how long were your other labors), we head to the hospital. We were halfway there (passing a local apple orchard called Brooksby Farm), when I realized that I forgot my pocketbook at home. So I made BK turn around and get it.

Now the hospital is doing construction and had the main entrance (which is also the main entrance to the birth center) blocked off. So we had to take a 10 min detour. Then BK parks in the parking lot and we walk up two flights of stairs before he realized that “Oh gee, maybe I should have dropped you off at the door instead of making you walk up two flights of stairs”.

We get there and my contractions were so bad that I couldn’t even talk to the secretary. I went to sit down and had to pee (which is a theme here). So, I head to the first bathroom I see….which is the men’s room. It was nicely pointed out to me by BK that I was using the men’s room and I told him to shut up…lol. I get back and the nurse is there. We walk to the L&D room….which was the very, very, very last one on the floor. Felt like forever getting there.

We finally get there (after me stopping a bunch of times because it hurt to walk), I strip and get into bed. I get hooked up to the fetal monitor and the contraction monitor when I felt like I was going to puke. That lasted a couple of mins and then the contractions got really, really bad. BK actually asked the nurse when the Dr was coming in because they were about 1 min apart.

Dr comes in right after he said that and checked me. I was 7-8 centimeters dilated. I asked for an epidural and was denied. Why? Because I was too far along. But they were going to give me something else for the pain. Also, since I was Group Strep B positive, I was going to be hooked up to antibiotics. Well, that didn’t happen.

I started to feel like I was going to pee and was insisting to use the bathroom. So, the nurse unhooked me and Brian took me in. I stepped maybe 3 steps and goosh…..my water breaks. Of course, since my water has never broken on its own, I didn’t know what it was. I thought I had peed. So, I continued to the toilet. BK and the nurse kinda grabbed my arms and frog marched me to the bed….lol.

As I was being walked there, I could feel the head. So, here I am telling the nurse and she starts freaking out. I heard “She’s delivering now, get the Dr” and then the nurse tried to do breathing with me. Which wasn’t happening. The Dr comes in and starts saying “Scoot her down, I can’t bend”. I remember thinking “WTF, why can’t she bend”. When the nurse said no, she told her to take the end of the bed off. Well, she didn’t have time (actually no time to even get her gloves on), because R decided to slide on out. I swear, I didn’t even push. The nurse actually delivered her and BK said in the chaos, almost dropped her.

R came screaming into this world at 7lbs even and 18 3/4″. She had a pout when she was given to me, which cracked us up. While I was holding her, the Dr was stitching me up. She gave me numbing meds for the one below but none for the one on top. Yes, she stitched me up and I felt every painful poke and pull. I also had an issue with bleeding. The nurse had to press on my stomach (another first) to get stuff out and it wouldn’t stop. So I got a shot in my leg and when that didn’t work, another shot and then I was finally given an IV with pitocin to help things along.

Things didn’t get any better. Because I didn’t get antibiotics for the strep, she was at risk for getting it. When they drew her blood Sunday night/Monday morning, her white blood count was high. Which meant she was either fighting off an infection or she was stressed out somehow. So, that was an automatic 3 days in the special care nursery on antibiotics and while they tested her blood and my placenta.

When we went to visit her, she couldn’t room with me, we were told by the nurse that R had a breathing spell when she got into the special care nursery. What that meant was she turned dusky in color and the nurse had to stimulate her to get her breathing again. And guess what, that was 5 days in there.

Everything ended up fine and we were able to take her home on Saturday. When we took her to the Dr on Monday, she had gained a few ounces. We brought her home at 6lbs 14ozs and at the Dr’s appt, she weight 7lbs 1 oz. She is a very calm, well except if she is hungry or wet, baby. She sleeps well, 4 hours at a stretch, and nothing fazes her. I think being in special care nursery for 5 days and having to listen to the alarms, beeps and bloops of the machines got her used to noise.

So that’s where I have been.



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