Webkins and Club Penguin

So B has really gotten into playing on the computer lately. Seeing that she only gets 1 hour of computer time a day (and this depends if she is good, etc), she makes her time count.

She has been going on Club Penguin and games4girls.com but they have been boring her (this is her exact words to me). So when we went shopping at Marshall’s the other day, she picked up an Arabian horse Webkin and since she can now read…..she got to the website.

Luckily, she doesn’t know my email address or she would have signed herself up ASAP. I made her wait until after supper and shower before I would do it for her. She is absolutely hooked and wants a membership. I have a small issue with that.

See, she used to have a membership to Club Penguin. She stopped playing very shortly afterwards and we decided to cancel it. When she found out, she was very, very upset when she found out what we did.

Oh the horror of wanting to save money. Seriously….lol.

I am a little hesitant about getting her a membership. Only because it seems like she looses interest very quickly. Very quickly.

Now Z wants a membership to Club Penguin. In the worse way. But here’s the catch. Z has been playing on B’s account for the past 5 months. He plays whenever I let him on the computer. He has the same time as B. 1 hour and that depends on if he has behaved during the day.

So my dilema is this: Do I let Z have a Club Penguin membership and let B have a Webkin membership or I say no to both. Decisions, decisions. Because they are both $7.95 a month. I would hate to get the membership to have the kids stop playing.

I’m going to talk to BK over the weekend and see what he says. Well, I know what he will say….lol. It will be “No”. But I have to give it a try and I think I will let B and Z plead their cases to him.

Actually, that sounds pretty good to me 😀 LOL. 


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